Exhibitors 2002
Queima, Portugal
Christoph Otto, Berlin

born in Berlin in April 1966
After passing his highschool exams, he moved to Madrid where he studied from 1988 to1990 at the school for photography - Centro de los Estudios de la Imagen.
The principal topics of his photographic work are extreme human ways of living. In this manner he keenly carried out several independent projects, the pictures of which are bought by magazines and more and more by photo art lovers. His foto series about the nine-year old Daisy from Colombia, who confided her life to a cable rope across a canyon on her way to school, brought him international reputation.

Beer, Lust and Traditions
In one of the oldest university towns, Christoph Otto caught the impressions of a feast in emotional and vivid pictures. In Coimbra, Portugal`s elite is educated and prepared for future key positions in politics and economics. Most of these students wear the capa, a long black cape. They are bound to a code of honour called Praxe which has been regulating the students´ lives for hundreds of years. Once a year, the students escape their straightjackets, and banish tests and exams from their minds. For a whole week they celebrate the world´s biggest student party letting off steam and running wild.

- Participating photographers in 2002

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