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menīs toilet
Frank Herlet, Cologne

Born in Düsseldorf in 1949.
After finishing extended elementary school he did several jobs and attended night school to pass his matriculation standard. He then studied medicine for nine semester before going to the USA for 15 months. There he found out about his interest in photography. Autodidactical studies of photography. After returning from the USA he worked as a cook for three years while continuing his studies. Attending College for Art and Design in Cologne as a student of professor Arno Jansen. Working as a freelance photographer in Cologne since 1985.

After hundreds of inquiries whether the picture in the toilet has been arranged or not: it is original and has been photographed on 31.12.1999 around 11pm. The evening`s most striking experience was that the ladies and girls are using the gents restrooms at big events. Which is to be seen at the very right margin of the picture. I took the picture with a 35mm panorama-camera F7 with a swivelling lens system that covers a 140 degree angle of view. Instead of looking through a viewfinder the camera is just held steady using a mini spirit level. Because the lens system is swivelling from left to right, the situation on the right side at the start of the exposure is not the same as in the end. This is why you do not see an actual 1/15 second of life but a one-picture-film of three to four seconds.


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