Exhibitors 2002
Fubu Kids
Fubu Kids, Carbon Direct Print
Glen Perotte, London

originally from New York, Glen Perotte moved to London in 1986 where he has been working as an advertising photographer for the past fifteen years. Though originally seen as a studio based photographer he now prefers working on location. Glen is equally passionate about his personal work where he explores mixing alternative processes with digital imaging.

Cool Youth
Growing up in the States is not easy. The pressure to "fit in" is sometimes a daunting experience for a lot of American kids. You must be seen to be "Cool" at all times, from the clothes you wear, to the way you walk, to the music you listen to, and most of all having "Attitude". Fashion and Advertising play a major role in the conditioning of the young vulnerable minds of America.
This body of work explores American youth culture. "How can I be Cool?" Through portraits of various kids, from White, Black, Hispanic etc. these images intend to show how fashion, advertising and the emergence of the Hip Hop Culture has brought all races of American Youth together under one banner of "Cool".


- Participating photographers in 2002

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