Exhibitors 2002
P. Elaine Sharpe, Toronto (Canada)

1993 Ontario College of Art Honours Diploma, Dean's Medal, 2000 York University, Master of Fine Arts.

Has participated in many solo and international group shows. Teaching at York University since 1999.

House (2001)
House began quietly, as a souvenir of place, and became an unintentional memento to the year I turned twelve. In the space of that year my mother committed suicide and my brother died unexpectedly. The photographs and video which comprise House are taken in and around the family home my grandfather built in Newfoundland. This is the place where I spent that last childhood summer, innocent of the grieving to come. I was drawn to sleep in this now deserted house and to retreat to the family cemeteries and potato fields which lay fallow. The video of my grandfather's house is by turns focussed and blurred, reflecting death, survival, and the blur of memory. The large scale photographs are documents of change, wind crushed grass, cloud strewn skies, elemental visions of passage and mourning, the minutiae of the house are lingered over and magnified as if seen by a child.

- Participating photographers in 2002

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