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Ralph Meiling, Berlin

Born in Cologne.
Studying photography at the University for Design and Photography in Cologne. Living in Berlin since the mid-80ies. Short films, experimental videos and photo series.
Because of his moving to Berlin in the mid-80ies he was affected by the moods, the varieties, the historical faces of Berlin and their changeability. It was not accidental that Meiling started to experiment and work with motion pictures and film.
This artistic engagement and his curiosity can be seen in his activity as an photographer, director, cameraman and scriptwriter. During the recent years a number of short films, experimental videos and photoseries has grown. 1998 Meiling presents at last a series of bodyportraits under the title „MENSH“ („HUMAN BEING“)

Dressed up as human
videostill, 1998-2002-04-30
Meilings portraits pass a long process from the shooting to the final result. In the beginning the models are observed by a video camera. The running time of the film and a weak but very contrasty illumination by candlelight or other punctual light sources deny the models any possibility to perform. They have no opportunity to pose. The decision about the emotion, the expression, the illumination and the attitude of the portrayed are not being made until the selection of the videostill. Meiling alienates it further by multi exposing on dia or other photo material.
„Imagine a friend“, Meiling says. „What I want to capture is the exact cerebral picture that is developed in this imagination.“ This approach defines the technique of Meiling’s works: the videostill detaches a fraction out of a string of thoughts and perception. The isolated picture is treated, changed and influenced by many interpreting steps. In this way is the imaginative reflection of a person by our internal eye influenced by a subjective attitude, a memory, a mood or something subconcious.

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